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Food Processing Plants

Food Processing Plants



If a health inspector visited your food processing plant unannounced, would you pass inspection?

Does dirty equipment create safety hazards and make machinery maintenance difficult?

Sanitherm's specialised steam cleaning method thoroughly cleans and sanitises your floors, walls and equipment, removing all greasy residue.

We guarantee your equipment will be clean, safe and impress any health inspector.

Benefits of specialised steam cleaning:

  • Hygienic: 150°C steam kills bacteria, including salmonella and listeria
  • Environmentally friendly: Chemical free cleaning, fuelled by clean-burning LPG
  • Time saving: Instant results save hours of manual cleaning
  • Safety: Reduce OHS risks and employee injuries
  • Maintain machinery: Keep your equipment safe, clean and running smoothly.
How does food processing plant cleaning work?
  • Pressurised steam at 150°C cleans and sanitises, removing built-up grease and grime.
  • Sanitherm does not use any chemicals.
  • Sanitising units are fuelled by clean burning LP gas, safe for indoor use and in food production areas.
  • Sanitherm units use minimal water within water restriction guidelines.
  • Sanitising units are completely portable and easily access all areas requiring cleaning and sanitation.

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"I just wanted to let you know that we were absolutely thrilled with how clean our kitchen came up. You have a friend for life."

Stephen House
Maintenance Manager
Quay West Suites, Southbank Melbourne

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