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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning



If a health inspector visited, would your commercial kitchen cleaning be up to standard?

Is built-up grease and grime causing serious health and safety hazards?

Sanitherms specialised steam cleaning thoroughly removes built-up grime, grease and bacteria from kitchen equipment and hard surfaces, leaving your kitchen sanitised and hygienic.

Advantages of Sanitherm commercial kitchen cleaning

  • Hygienic: Equipment and hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised
  • Staff safety: Reduce OHS risks and employee injuries
  • Lower liability: Avoid litigation
  • Safe for food areas: Chemical-free steam and clean burning fuel
  • Time and cost efficient: Save hours of tough manual cleaning.

How does Sanitherm commercial kitchen cleaning work?

  • Pressurised steam at 150°C removes built-up grime and grease, killing disease-causing bacteria like salmonella and listeria.
  • Sanitherm does not use any chemicals.
  • Sanitising units are fuelled by clean burning LP gas for safe indoor use and in food preparation areas.
  • Portable sanitising units offer easy access to areas requiring cleaning and sanitation.

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"We are pleased to confirm that we use Sanitherm for our most difficult cleaning jobs. The equipment they use is efficient and versatile, and the staff are always professional and reliable."

Peter Burnett, PresidentAustralian Hotels Association & Director of Tourism Australia Peter Burnett
Australian Hotels Association & Director of Tourism Australia

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"The recent work you did on the outdoor entertaining areas - especially the timber deck in the beer garden - has sparked much positive feedback from our patrons. It looks great."

Adam Slater, OwnerHeritage 3059 Restaurant Adam Slater
Heritage 3059 Restaurant

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