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About Us

About Us

We at Sanitherm Australia identified a need in Australian workplaces, homes and public areas for:

  • Better hygiene and cleaning methods
  • A more cost and time efficient way to clean and sanitise
  • Environmental awareness
  • Improved health and safety solutions.

The Sanitherm steam cleaning units are manufactured by Steamtech in the United States, where technological developments result in cleaning methods that are faster, easier and more thorough than traditional cleaning methods. So advanced is this specialised steam cleaning that the US Defence Force employs the same machines used by Sanitherm.

Sanitherm was inspired by the effectiveness of the Steamtech sanitation units and the ability to offer a better clean. We feel a responsibility to future generations to conserve our precious resources and maintain a clean environment. We are also driven by the desire to promote an attitude of caring for and protecting our environment.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning is chemical-free, uses minimal water and operates on clean burning fuel. Sanitherm machines convert cold water to 150°C steam and are ideal for cleaning private, commercial and industrial properties.

Above all, steam cleaned surfaces are completely sanitised and hygienic. Sanitherm simply provides a better, healthier result in comparison to any other cleaning method, and in a fraction of the time previously spent cleaning manually.

Since 2004, Sanitherm has proven that we offer the most cost and time efficient method of cleaning and sanitising of hard surfaces. Anything else is a compromise.

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"On behalf of the principal, staff and students at Wonthaggi Secondary College's two campuses (McBride and Dudley), I would like to sincerely thank you for the work you did removing all the ugly chewing gum stains, especially around the canteen area. We didn't realise how dirty our school actually was until after you cleaned it up."

Steve Plumb
Business Manager
Wonthaggi Secondary College

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