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See the cleaning services resultsWe steam clean all hard surfaces, including:

Chemical Free Cleaning Services

Chemical free Cleaning ServicesDoes the appearance of your kitchen, food processing equipment or public areas affect your business reputation?

Are you taking unnecessary workplace safety risks?

If grime and dirt build-up is affecting your property's image and reputation, Sanitherm will clean and sanitise all your hard surfaces, thoroughly and without chemicals.

Sanitherm's high temperature pressurised steam instantly removes built-up grime and kills disease-causing bacteria.

The Benefits of Using Sanitherm Cleaning Services

  • Safety: Reduce health and safety hazards in your workplace or home

  • Machinery Maintenance: Lengthen machinery lifespan and reduce equipment downtime

  • Boost Your Image: Improve your property's appearance and save hours of manual cleaning

  • Hygienic: Steam sanitisation kills all germs and microbes

  • Water Saving: Sanitherm use minimal water within water restriction guidelines.


"I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how happy I was with the recent cleaning you did at Fishermen´┐Żs Pier restaurant. Having a thoroughly clean restaurant, inside and out is one of the reasons why we have been a finalist in the Telsra Country wide Golden Plate Award three years in a row."

Simon Parrot
Manager and Executive Chef
Fisherman's Pier Restaurant

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Waterwise cleaning services, operate within water restrictions
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